miércoles, 5 de septiembre de 2012



Just find pieces.
Not yours, or his or theirs
or could it be?

Just pieces
and I dont know what kind
of history I could create from these


Not even find the whole meaning
when I try to fix them.
There´s something missing
or is it my mind?

In pieces.

8 comentarios:

  1. where is my mind?? wheeeere are the pieces of your mind?

  2. something like that... i'd prefer not to think so much

  3. I remember a day, but forgot its minutes. I know you were on them. Timescapes have a sharp horizon where the matching ends of the old puzzle pieces we saw are cut off . Days and nights like yaws. Memories are a stack of square puzzle pieces that are hard to put together in the right order: shapeless puzzle pieces. Like popcorn they pop up right before something starts

  4. I ll go for the pop porn, I like my porn to pop when unexpected. Surprise butt sex! bite the pillow dear!