jueves, 9 de julio de 2009

Like a dead fish

When you decide to do something with your humble life,
but you´re not strong enough to do it by yourself, all alone,
and need some kind of help from those around you.
You have to take into account, that maybe, they are not going to help you at all.
Then their selfishness become a heavy weigth for you.

That could slow you down and you may forget what was your intention it in the first place.
Get lost into a path of fear, pain and guilt, just because you don´t want to hurt the ones you love.

Social games really, which eats your little soul.

Then, you may think it is easier to let yourself go with the stream,
like a dead fish.

But you are wrong.

We actually die from that.

4 comentarios:

  1. Esta si que lo entendi y aun encima gustoume jejejeje ten toda razon do mundo un saludo O Ingles:)

  2. Alégrome porque xa facia muito tempo que non escribía nada en inglés,
    inda me queda un camiño longo pa chegar ó teu nivel ;)

  3. Nice one! Isaackbruno.... I've Unpoco spanish so english only, Do you have any irish in you? ;)